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Professional Research Analyst (PRA)

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What is Professional Research Analyst?

Professional Research Analyst is a complete 10 months program suitable for all students and professionals who wish to specialize in the stock market trading.

Course Modules:

  • Equity Market        Derivative Market   Currency Market
  • Commodity Market   Technical Analyst   Fundamental Analysis
  • Research Analyst   Investment Advisor (XA)   Mutual Funds

    Course Features:

  1. A complete and comprehensive programme for all those who wish to specialize in the stock market.
  2. A great add-on course along with Graduation, MBA.
  3. Industry recognized programme.
  4. Based on theory as well as practical for complete knowledge.
  5. You enter the industry completely trained and fit.
  6. Faculty with 15 years of experience in teaching and trading.
  7. Practice on Live Markets.
  8. Workshops and other programmes and meet with industry experts.
  9. Five tier exposure Faculty, Practical Faculty, Older investor and Trader, Research Team, group discussion.

    Course Benefits:

  1. Get Complete Knowledge of all four markets Equity, Future & Options, Commodity and Currency
  2. Get Complete practical training on Software used for online trading (ODIN Diet)
  3. Get Complete knowledge of Technical Analysis
  4. Get Complete knowledge of Fundamental Analysis
  5. Get Complete knowledge of Investment Advisor & Research Analyst

  6. Course Info:

  7. - Course Duration: 10 months
  8. - Career Prospect: You can become an Equity Analyst, Research Analyst, Stock Analyst, you become fit for various other posts in various other verticals depending on your overall Qualifications.
  9. - Minimum Eligibility Criteria: 12th Pass/ Graduation in any stream